3 Places Perfect for Bird Watching


1.     St. Augustine Alligator Farm

  The alligator farm has a natural rookery for native birds. With the peak season being March-June for nesting season. All the birds in the rookery are completely wild and are not fed by park staff. Some of the native birds include herons, egrets, spoonbills, and wood storks. For more information click here


2.       Anastasia State Park

If you are looking for beach pictures of birds like sandpipers and Ibis. Anastasia State Park will not disappoint. With beaches that are tucked away from bigger crowds you will be able to relax on the beach and capture beautiful beach photos of our Florida birds.


3.       Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

With large oak trees that attract insect eating birds like Warblers, and Woodpeckers you will be sure to find the shot you are looking for. Take one of the many trails and sit on a quite bench and wait for your perfect opportunity to capture a picture of a Blue Jay or Cardinal.


Weather you come to St. Augustine for bird watching or beach pictures St. Augustine has got you covered. Click here to resirve your spot on the coast of St. Augustine.