Things to Do in St. Augustine

From the best restaurants and shopping to must-see historical sites and family-friendly attractions, use our guides to help find the best things to do in St. Augustine. There are tons of things to see and do along the Northeast Florida Atlantic Coast, so come explore the oldest city in the U.S. We’re looking forward to your stay!

There are so many reasons to visit St. Augustine during fall. Not only is the weather a bit cooler but you also have less traffic and less wait time at restaurants. Below are a few of our favorite activities. 1. Sykes Family Farms and Corn...Read more
St. Augustine and St. Johns County offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. Of course, our miles of beautiful beaches are one of the prime reasons, people flock here for vacations, but check this list for other activities that are available. Bird and Wildlife Watching/Nature Walks...Read more
1. St. Augustine Alligator Farm The alligator farm has a natural rookery for native birds. With the peak season being March-June for nesting season. All the birds in the rookery are completely wild and are not fed by park staff. Some of the native birds...Read more
We do associate the Fourth of July with fireworks, there are many ways to enjoy the holiday here in Northeast Florida. One of the primary reasons people visit our area is the miles of beautiful beaches so a day at the beach is always a...Read more
The Alligator Farm is so much more than just alligators. They have added encounters with animals to the park and more. Here are a few of my favorite things to do at the Alligator Farm. Zoo Tours New behind-the-scenes tours show you the inner workings...Read more
Most people think that St. Augustine is a small, quiet town that gives you the slower lifestyle. While St. Augustine is known for its beautiful beaches and historic buildings, we also have a lot to offer people seeking adventure. Below are a few things that...Read more
A family spends the day kayaking
Find out why eco-tours are the best way to explore the natural scenery of the St. Augustine area! Hop aboard a dolphin cruise or try your hand at paddling in a kayak for a day of outdoor adventure.Read more
fishing charter boat
St. Augustine is a fisherman’s paradise with many freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities – from the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway, to the St. Johns River. Located along the Northeast coast of Florida, St. Augustine is a hub for fishing. There is a variety of...Read more
1. Take a scavenger hunt walk on the beach to find things to bring back to your spot so you can create beach art or collect seashells to make a beach mosaic. That’s a great way not to have your little ones want to bring...Read more
One thing we always tell our visitors is to eat and shop local! St. Augustine is home to some of the most creative and wonderful vendors and restaurants. While you’re here visiting make sure you support these local and family-owned businesses that help give our...Read more