St. Augustine Trip Planning

Plan your vacation to historic St. Augustine with the local experts. From planning a family-friendly getaway to having a backup plan if it rains, our trip planning guides will help you make the most of your time in St. Augustine, Florida. You’ve saved up for your getaway and chosen to spend it along Florida’s Northeast Atlantic Coast, and we’re here to help you along the way. Contact us today for guidance or more information. 

With the summer coming to a close and Labor Day around the corner, a lot of people are booking last minute. St. Augustine is a top destination pick because of the great weather throughout August and September and fun events that are still happening like...Read more
This time of the year is not only great to enjoy the weather in St. Augustine but also to catch a glimpse of the turtle nesting season in Northeast Florida.Read more
It may still be winter but it's never too early to start thinking warmer thoughts about summer and a vacation to St. Augustine. From miles of beaches and fun attractions to plenty of relaxation and sunrays, there are endless things to do or not do...Read more
Looking for the perfect place for a beach vacation? Anastasia Condos is an oceanfront resort in St. Augustine, Florida with everything you could need for your getaway. Not only is Anastasia Condos located on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach but there are amazing...Read more
Come Enjoy Easy Season Here on Florida’s First Coast Smaller crowds and lower condo rates make late summer, early fall an ideal time to visit St. Augustine. That’s the reason it’s known as Easy Season! Our off-season rates begin at this time which offer significant...Read more
It can be overwhelming to try and figure out which St. Augustine Attractions to visit, especially on a limited budget. Remove the guess work and don't miss these top things to do in St. Augustine that are completely FREE ! San Sebastian Winery Take an...Read more